Ways to Give


Thanks for supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Sherman!

Circle 10

$10 per month, these days, is almost the cost of your trenta Quad, Nonfat, One-Pump, No-Whip, Mocha. No doubt, delicious, but image the impact that you could have on the children of North Texas at just $10 per month?

Kids Fund

As a member of the Kids Fund, you are investing $25 per month for our North Texas kids. Just $25. And while $25 per month is affordable for you, for the Club, your membership into the Kids Fund will provide a month of healthy snacks/meals for our kid, access to the internet on our computers, and a safe, enriching place for kids to go after school.


For $50 per month, you can impact a kid’s life. $50 would cover the cost for two members to attend the Club and have a safe place to go after school. Your $50 helps us empower kids to BE GREAT!


$83.33 per month or $1,000 annually is the commitment of our Lifechangers. And the name is completely accurate as you are helping us change lives.  

You know, at $83.33 per month, you really are a Lifechanger.

Kevin Crick Memorial Field

Twin brothers, Kevin Boone Crick and Kyle Daniel Crick spent considerable time growing up at the Boys & Girls Club of Sherman. They shared a love of the outdoors and playing sports.

Though Kevin’s life ended far too soon on December 30, 2019, his spirit and love of life remains with us all. What he stood for is what drives the mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Sherman
– being true to oneself; working hard at whatever you do, whether its sports, being a loyal friend or education. Kevin excelled at it all, and his life reminds us that we are here to empower the kids of Sherman to BE GREAT

Your targeted donation will help us build the Kevin Crick Memorial Field, adjacent to the Club, in Kevin’s honor.

Youth Sports

Youth sports are a great way to keep kids active and teach life lessons – winning and losing, good sportsmanship, and being part of a team. Presently, our sports programs cost 50% less than area competitors.

Your targeted donation allows the Club to continually serve kids without having to raise our prices.

Support the Boys & Girls Club of Sherman so we can help kids BE GREAT!

General Donation